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The ABL Culture


Our Culture

We are a company founded by a family and have retained an environment with a ‘Family-feel’, which is true to our hearts and an ethos we will not budge on.

We strongly believe in supporting and caring for our employees, who in turn support and care for us, enabling our success and we think this shows, given the length of service milestones we proudly show off.



Length of Service of our Staff

5 Years

10 Years

15 Years

20 Years

25 Years

We support, train, develop and encourage our employees to succeed; not blame, shame or berate them. We commit to our employees and expect the same commitment back, in return offering the opportunity for employees to develop and progress their careers with ABL.

Read more on some of our employee progression journeys below.

Progression Opportunities

We are proud to say that over 50% of our management team progressed with ABL from the shop floor. Hear their progression journeys below…

Dave Stacey

Procurement & Sub Contract Manager
(Joined 1998)

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Progression timeline:

  • 1998: Joined ABL as a General Machinist
  • 2003: Promoted to Cell Leader
  • 2011: Promoted to Planning Controller
  • 2012 – 2014: Promoted to MRP Controller
  • 2014 -2019: Took a position as Estimator outside of ABL
  • 2019: Re-joined ABL as Senior Production Controller
  • 2021 – Present: Procurement & Subcontract Manager

“I always knew I wanted to work in engineering  just as my Father did. After I completed my apprenticeship I joined ABL – the people here and their support makes ABL stand out and I am proud of the journey I have had”

Jason Freshwater

Supply Chain Manager
(Joined 2007)

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Progression timeline:

  • 2007: Started with ABL as Final Test Technician in Assembly
  • 2008: Left ABL
  • 2009: Re-joined ABL in the Final Test team
  • 2014:  Promoted to Assembly Supervisor
  • 2015:  Promoted to Production Supervisor
  • 2020:  Promoted to Production Manager
  • 2022:  Promoted to Supply Chain Manager

“I have been with ABL since 2007 and I have worked and progressed alongside the team here and continue to enjoy my career journey with ABL”

Justyna Thanassoulas

Quality and Customer Service Manager
(Joined 2008)

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Progression timeline:

  • 2008 Joined: ABL Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 2013: Promoted to Senior Quality Engineer
  • 2016: Promoted to Quality Manager
  • 2017: Resource Planning and Quality Manager
  • 2020: Present Quality and Customer Services Manager

“Overall ABL has been my home for over 14 years and the progression I have seen has been incredible, especially as a women working within a historically male dominated environment”


Daniel Whittingham

Engineering Manager
(Joined 2006)

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Progression timeline:

  • 2006: Started at ABL as a Technical Apprentice
  • 2008: Moved into the design (drawing) office
  • 2009: Completed my apprenticeship and promoted to Draughtsman
  • 2011: Promoted to Junior Design Engineer
  • 2013: Promoted to Design Engineer
  • 2017: Left ABL
  • 2021: Re-joined ABL as a Senior Engineer
  • 2021 – Present: Promoted to Engineering Manager

“I knew someone who worked for ABL and they said it was a good place to work. Once I stepped into the environment, it seemed like such as interesting place to work and has been since!”

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