Hear from our wonderful new members to our ABL family…


Kalem Metz – Joined February 2022
(Machine Operator, Finishing/Grinding Section)

Induction with ABL: 

Q: Why did you join ABL?
A: I was a courier previously and wanted a change of career and had recently moved to the local area; I was referred by an ABL colleague and after hearing more about the company culture and role, I wanted to give it a go!

Q: How did you find moving into Engineering, with ABL:
A: I had no idea how precise the job role was until I joined. How the parts and then the overall products are made is really interesting. I can see from time around the factory how it comes together and was blown away by how the process works. I love being hands-on with the machines and parts, it really is the best job I have ever had!

Q: What was your first impression of the company when you joined?
A: Busy and I felt like I was working for a really established company.

Q: How did you feel when first joined?
A: Nervous at first as I thought everyone would think I was a younger person with no engineering experience coming in, but everyone has been so helpful and helped me out, it’s a really caring place to work.

Q: How was your induction with the company- how was the training, support and environment?
A: Training was good and I am still wanting more training now to develop myself, but the initial training to get me started in my role was helpful and eased me into the new role.

Q:  What have you learnt since joining ABL, professionally and personally?
A: The Importance of working as a team and that consistency is important. Feeling part of ABL’s targets being achieved is an example, I feel we achieve as a team and celebrate as a team and it is nice to actually feel a part of something.

Q:  Do you see a future pathway for your career development with ABL?
A:  I have an idea of where I want to go now. ABL have seen my efforts since I started and are fully supporting my development, I joined in February 2022 as a Machine Operator, just manning controls of the Studer’s for example, by the Summer 2022 I was starting to learn setups on the new Studer S21’s, so really feel supported to train and develop my skillset.

So, what about the ABL culture….

Q: What makes ABL a good place to work?
A: The quality of the work, with a caring staff team and no judgment of the fact I came in without experience, being trained by colleagues who have been with the company for 25+ years!

It also surprised me coming into an engineering company, to see such a diverse workforce; different genders, ages and ethnicities of people, was really nice to see.

Q: What has or does ABL do differently and/or better, than previous places you have worked?
A: I can be myself here at ABL and  I am appreciated for myself; I can talk the truth and receive the truth back, I can give and receive feedback.

It is also a very busy environment, but with a relaxed feel at the same time.

Q: How would you describe the culture here at ABL?
A: Like a family! It’s amazing- for example I came back from holiday from Turkey and everyone around the company, not just my section, is asking me how it was, I felt missed! Was really warming to come back to.

Q: What are some great highlights for you since being with ABL?
A: Well really, just great communication, the attention to detail and quality we work towards and being able to be trained and develop further in just 6 months!