Hear from our wonderful new members to our ABL family…


Ali Billam – Joined February 2022
(Customer Service & Purchasing Administrator)

About your background:

– Previously worked as a Dispatch Supervisor at another local company
– Joined ABL through word of mouth, I had no progression in my previous role and wanted a change of company culture from what I was used to.


Q: What was your first impression of the company?
A: Really friendly, I instantly got a ‘team’ feel when I walked through the door. I left my interview feeling positive and that ABL was ‘the right fit for me’

Q: How was your induction with the company – how was the training, support and environment?
A: It was informative and inclusive, I was treated like an adult.

Q: How have you enjoyed the role?
A: I am really enjoying it, I do so many varieties of work, and learn every day. It keeps me on my toes and no day is the same, so I am not bored doing the same thing day in and day out!

Q: Have you been given opportunities to progress and develop your skills?
A: Yes, due to the variety. My line manager, Justyna, gives me the push and the confidence in what I am doing, trusts what I am doing and keeps me on my toes.

ABL culture:

Q: What makes ABL a good place to work?
A: Love feeling part of a team, ABL is a growing business and I feel comfortable being here. I have been here 6 months and had no issues, everyone is helpful. There are no troublemakers here that block my role, we just work as a team.

Q: Why would you recommend us as a great place to work?
A: Yes- great people to work with great training, not feeling left on my own- I recommended 2 people to work here and they are now both employed here and enjoying it!

Q: How do we compare against other engineering companies?
A: Feel secure in my role and company. I passed my probation early and got great feedback from Darren (MD) I was welcomed very early on.

Q: What has or does ABL do differently and/or better, than other employers?
A: Make me feel my worth; I am needed and appreciated. Sharing funny moments with managers, never felt happier since working here. I know my position here but feel on a level with management and share laughs. You don’t feel bossed about- there is no ‘us and them’ culture.

Q: How would you describe the culture here at ABL?
A: Team-working is key here. Look forward to going to work every day.